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Table 4 Local structural alignment of the predicted active site residues by SALSA for a known ECH from Rattus norvegicus (PDB ID 1ey3) with predicted residues for a Structural Genomics protein from Mycobacterium avium (PDB ID 3q1t), reported to be an ECH.

From: Protein function annotation with Structurally Aligned Local Sites of Activity (SALSAs)

Spatial Positions→ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Known ECH (1ey3) A98 g141 E144 C149 D150 E164 R178 k241 N245
SG protein "ECH" (3q1t) G76 A123 V126 a131 D132 H146 C160 k223 n227
  1. Known catalytic residues are shown in boldface. Residues predicted by POOL are in uppercase; residues not predicted are in lowercase. Note the poor match between the residues of the SG protein with those of the representative ECH.