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Table 5 Local structural alignment of the predicted residues for the SG protein from Mycobacterium avium (PDB ID 3q1t) with the corresponding residues of ABDH from Cyanobacterium anabaena.

From: Protein function annotation with Structurally Aligned Local Sites of Activity (SALSAs)

POOL Ranking→ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
SG protein "ECH" (3q1t) D155 H146 E244 D144 H44 C160 H156
Known ABDH (2j5s) D153 H144 E243 D141 H43 l158 g154
  1. The spatial positions 1 through 7 correspond to the ordinal values for the top seven residues in the POOL rank order for 3q1t.
  2. Known catalytic residues for ABDH are shown in boldface. Residues predicted by POOL are in uppercase; residues not predicted are in lowercase. Note that the match between the residues of the SG protein and of ABDH is better than that of Table 4.