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Figure 3

From: A domain-centric solution to functional genomics via dcGO Predictor

Figure 3

Flow diagram of generating meta-GO terms through information content analysis of domain-centric GO annotations. Briefly, all GO terms in DAG are initially unmarked. Then, identify those unmarked GO terms with IC closest to a predefined IC (e.g., 1). Mark those identified terms and all of their ancestors and descendants, being excluded from further search. Continue the previous two steps to iteratively identify unmarked GO terms until all GO terms in DAG are marked. Finally, output only those identified GO terms with IC falling in the range (e.g., [0.75 1.25]) as a meta-GO. The bottom panel displays the compositions in meta-GO terms for domains at SCOP family (FA) level, at SCOP superfamily (SF) level, and supra-domains.

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