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Table 4 Running time and memory requirements of the tested classifiers on the simulated data set.

From: metaBEETL: high-throughput analysis of heterogeneous microbial populations from shotgun DNA sequences

  metaBEETL CARMA3 MEGAN Genometa
Memory 1 GB 13 GB 13 GB 3 GB
Time 46 m 18 h 35 m 14 h 58 m 2 min
  1. CARMA3 and MEGAN were run on a compute cluster, using 100 nodes. metaBEETL was run on an SSD drive. Memory consumption was taken at peak memory usage for one thread. All times are taken as wall clock times. For CARMA3 and MEGAN the time for the longest running time of the 100 threads was taken, the average time for MEGAN was 12 h 15 m and for CARMA 12 h 30 m.