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Table 4 Transition rates calculations from the mathematical equations for case 1

From: Investigating mathematical models of immuno-interactions with early-stage cancer under an agent-based modelling perspective

Agent Transition Mathematical equation Transition rate
Tumour Cell proliferation aT (1 - Tb) a - (TotalTumour.b)
  death aT (1 - Tb) a - (TotalTumour.b)
  dieKilledByEffectorCells nTE n.TotalEffectorCells
  causeEffectorDamage mTE m
Effector Cell Proliferation p T E g + T p . T o t a l T u m o u r C e l l s g + T o t a l T u m o u r C e l l s
  DieWithAge dE d
  DiePerApoptosis mTE message from tumour