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Table 2 Prediction performance of LS-SVR models under a variation threshold of 15% in three peptide ion's datasets

From: Prediction of peptide drift time in ion mobility mass spectrometry from sequence-based features

  Prediction accuracya RMSE R2
DataS 0.9811 (0.9736±0.081) 0.5202 0.9718
DataD 0.9379 (0.9340±0.061) 0.2602 0.9721
DataT 0.8312 (0.7883±0.025) 0.2637 0.8727
  1. a. The prediction accuracy for each dataset was shown as the format of A(B±C), where A denotes the prediction accuracy from the mean of predicted drift times, B the mean prediction accuracy of the ten repeat times, and C the standard deviation of the accuracy of the ten repeat times.