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Figure 2

From: Efficient haplotype block recognition of very long and dense genetic sequences

Figure 2

The first three computational steps of the MIG algorithm. The vector W and the variable s are initialized to 0. The processing starts at g2 with the analysis of the region 〈g1, g2〉. The SNP-pair weight w(1, 2) is computed and added to s. Then, the region weight w ̄ (1,2) is incrementally computed as W[1] + s and stored in W[1] (by replacing the old value). Next, SNP g3 is processed. After initializing s = 0, weight w(2,3) is computed and stored in s. w ̄ (2,3) is incrementally determined as W[2] + s, and stored in W[2]. Then, weight w(1,3) is computed, and w ̄ (1,3)= w ̄ (1,2)+w(2,3)+w(1,3)=W[1]+s. The next SNP to the right, g4, is processed in a similar way.

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