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Table 2 Top 10 ranked patterns and numbers of associated D1 →D2 pairs

From: dRiskKB: a large-scale disease-disease risk relationship knowledge base constructed from biomedical text

Precision-based Recall-based F1-based
Pattern Pairs Pattern Pairs Pattern Pairs
D1 due to D2 14,183 D1 due to D2  14,183 “D1 due to D2 14,183
“D1 is a leading cause of D2” 132 “D1 and D2” 205,942 “D1 with D2” 35,203
“D1 is the most common cause of D2” 188 “D1 with D2” 35,203 “D1 D2” 12,887
“D1 is a major cause of D2” 281 “D1, D2” 99,881 D1 causing D2 2,260
“D1 is the main cause of D2” 104 “D1 D2” 12,887 “D1 patients with D2” 2,578
“D1 is a frequent cause of D2” 104 “D1 or D2” 38,841 D1 as a cause of D2 1,463
“D1 is an important cause of D2” 262 “D1 in D2” 50,902 “D1 without D2” 3,703
“D1 is a common cause of D2” 351 “D1 associated with D2” 27,477 D1 complicated by D2 3,422
“D1 as cause of D2” 117 “D1, and D2” 28,942 “D1 or D2” 38,841
“D1-induced D2” 558 D1 causing D2 2,260 “D1 and D2” 205,942
  1. Risk-specific patterns associated with ≥1000 pairs are highlighted.