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Table 2 Example of a mutation database: a part of the rpo B mutation database for Mycobacterium tuberculosis

From: MUBII-TB-DB: a database of mutations associated with antibiotic resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Mutation description Explanation
A1291G ~ S431G ~ ~ Nucleotide chain: A at position 1291 is replaced by G; Protein chain: S at position 431 is replaced by G
+1300TTC ~ +434 F ~ ~ Insertion of TTC at position 1300 (F at position 434 of the protein)
CAG1306- ~ Q436- ~ ~ Deletion of CAG at position 1306 (deletion of Q at position 436 of the protein)
C1331T ~ T4441 ~ High Confidence ~ See mutDB2012 Example with a note and a remark
C1294T ~ Q432- ~ Rare ~ RULE::STOPCODON Example with a note and a rule
CATGGACCAGAA1299- ~ MDQN434- ~ ~RULE::AMBIGUOUS= > N_ATGGACCAGAAC1300- Example of a deletion occurring within a repeated zone. The position 1299 deduced from the nucleotide-level sequence alignment is corrected in the results