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Table 4 Statistical parameters used to assess the prediction performance of the ILP method

From: A comprehensive study of small non-frameshift insertions/deletions in proteins and prediction of their phenotypic effects by a machine learning method (KD4i)

   Positive Negative  
Prediction Positive Tp Fp Precision Tp Tp + Fp
Negative Fn Tn NPV Tn Tn + Fn
   Sensitivity Tp Tp + Fn Specificity Tn Tn + Fp MCC Tp * Tn Fp * Fn Tp + Fp Tp + Fn Tn + Fp Tp + Fn
   Accuracy: Tp + Tn Tp + Tn + Fp + Fn
  1. T=True, F=False, p=Positive, n=Negative, NPV=Negative predictive value, MCC=Matthews correlation coefficient.