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Table 1 Comparison of the supported features in GSA tools

From: gsGator: an integrated web platform for cross-species gene set analysis

Tool name Annotation types Multiple GSA Cross-species GSA Set operation (-,∩,) Network analysis & visualization No. species Ref.
GO & pathway Genomic annotation Molecular network Phenotype miRNA target
gsGator O O O O O O O O O 7 species  
DAVID O O O O   O   O   All species [1]
g:Profiler O   O O O O O    85 species [4]
Algal Functional Annotation Tool O O         2 fungal species [10]
GeneTerm Linker O O         H. sapiens yeast [11]
KOBAS 2.0 O    O    O    1327 species [12]
ADGO 2.0 O    O       8 species [13]
ToppCluster O O O O O O     H. sapiens [6]
PhenoFam   O         48 species [14]
agriGO O          38 species [15]
Lists2Networks O O O O O O   O O Mammals [16]
GeneCodis3 O O     O   O   16 species [2]
FuncAssociate (ver 2.0) O          37 species [17]
GeneWeaver O    O O O O O   9 species [18]