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Figure 2

From: Exposure time independent summary statistics for assessment of drug dependent cell line growth inhibition

Figure 2

Illustration of the proposed compartment models. Panel A illustrates a compartment model where the drug is assumed to induce cell cycle arrest with halving time T 0 c 1 and for cells in cell cycle arrest the death rate is assumed exponential with halving time T 1 c . Panel B illustrates a simplified compartment model in which the drug is assumed to induce cell death with halving time T c . In both models the cell line grows with doubling time T0. Panel C illustrates growth curves according to Model B for a cell line with T0 = 60 hours and N0 = 30,000 cells treated with three different concentrations of a potent drug. The concentrations correspond to the summary statistics G I50 = c1, TGI =c2, and LC48 = c3.

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