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Figure 2

From: QMachine: commodity supercomputing in web browsers

Figure 2

A workflow for real-world genomic analysis. (1) The submitter interactively calls the high-level function from a web browser with the URLs of twenty different Streptococcus pneumoniae genomes as input, causing the client to submit twenty individual task descriptions to QM’s API server. (2) A volunteer’s browser, polling for new task descriptions on QM’s API server, finds and downloads a task description. (3) The volunteer’s browser executes the task after downloading three external resources: the USM library served from GitHub, the JMat library served from Google Code, and the bacterial genome served from NCBI. (4) The volunteer’s browser returns the results of the task execution to QM’s API server and resumes polling for new task descriptions. (5) The submitter’s browser, polling for updates to the individual task descriptions, retrieves the results from QM’s API server.

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