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Table 2 Correction of the impact of total read numbers

From: An integrative method to normalize RNA-Seq data

  N Samples log2(FPKM) SGTR - Size SGTR - Size and GC content Full SGTR
All genes 159 1475 7,96E-39 1.71E-39 4.80E-39 1.08E-38
155 1455 2,95E-39 5.86E-39 3.40E-39 2.66E-39
162 1479 8,24E-44 1.37E-43 2.02E-49 1.21E-49
152 1345 1,57E-42 1.86E-42 6.11E-44 5.64E-44
  162 1476 1,73E-41 6.74E-41 1.51E-44 2.28E-44
  1. N corresponds to the number of analyzed genes. The five samples (1475, 1455, 1479, 1345, and 1476) refer respectively to samples with a total read number around 10.106, 13.106, 20.106, 24.106, and 30.106 reads. Abbreviations: SGTR size: correction for transcript size; SGTR Size and GC content: correction for transcript size and GC content; and Full SGTR: correction for transcripts size, total read number, and GC content. Only the p-values of Pearson correlation with qRT-PCR quantifications are indicated.