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Table 1 Datasets tested using the GESS online tool and results

From: Online GESS: prediction of miRNA-like off-target effects in large-scale RNAi screen data by seed region analysis

Study RNAi (species) Phenotype No. active siRNA Statistically significant OT gene
A genetic screen identifies the Triple T complex required for DNA damage signaling and ATM and ATR stability [16] shRNA (hs) Ionizing radiation sensitivity 850 ZNF480 SH3BP2
Ionizing radiation sensitivity (validated) 114 None
Ionizing radiation resistance 1080 None
An intermittent live cell imaging screen for siRNA enhancers and suppressors of a kinesin-5 inhibitor [17] siRNA (hs) Genes involved in spindle assembly checkpoint (Dharmacon library) 308 MAD2L1
Off-target effects dominate a large-scale RNAi screen for modulators of the TGF-β pathway and reveal microRNA regulation of TGFBR2 [18] siRNA (hs) Genes involved in TGF-β signaling (Sloan Kettering Inst. In house library) 409 TGFBR2
Genome-wide siRNA screen identifies SMCX, EP400 and Brd4 as E2-dependent regulators of human papillomavirus oncogene expression [19] siRNA (hs) Genes that contribute to the repression of the HPV LCR. (Dharmacon library) 511 None
A genome-wide homologous recombination screen identifies the RNA-binding protein RBMX as a component of the DNA-damage response [12] siRNA (hs) Regulator of homologous recombination (Dharmacon library) 510 Rad51
Regulator of homologous recombination (Ambion library) 187 None
Kinase requirements in human cells: I. Comparing kinase requirements across various cell types [20] TRC shRNA (hs) Essential kinases in HeLa and 293 T cell lines. 110 None
A Lentiviral RNAi Library for Human and Mouse Genes Applied to an Array Viral High-Content Screen [21] TRC shRNA (hs) Genes required for mitotic progression and proliferation for HT29 cell line 161 None
Highly parallel identification of essential genes in cancer cells [22] TRC shRNA (hs) Essential genes for 12 cancer cell lines 182 None
Systematic investigation of genetic vulnerabilities across cancer cell lines reveals lineage-specific dependencies in ovarian cancer [23] TRC shRNA (hs) Essential genes specifically for Ovarian cell lines ~1500 (top ~3%) None
Essential genes specifically for Colon cell lines ~1500 (top ~3%) None
Essential genes specifically for Pancreas cell lines ~1500 (top ~3%) None
Essential genes specifically for Esophageal Squamous cell lines ~1500 (top ~3%) TACO1
Depleting gene activities in early Drosophila embryos with the "maternal-Gal4-shRNA" system [24] shRNA (dm) Abnormal embryonic phenotypes 79 None
A regulatory network of Drosophila germline stem cell self-renewal [25] shRNA (dm) Abnormal embryonic phenotypes 329 None
  1. Note: The results presented here were obtained using the following parameters: “3’UTR” as genomic region, “antisense/guide” as strand to use, “7” as seed sequence length. The shRNA libraries from The RNAi Consortium (TRC) were trimmed by 2 bp.