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Table 1 Five candidate designs to identify one heterozygous variant carrier among 100 individuals

From: Quantitative group testing-based overlapping pool sequencing to identify rare variant carriers

ID of candidate design # of pools Data throughput (Gb)a Cost
I 10 567.0 $35,051.0
II 20 292.8 $25,518.4
III 30 268.8 $29,246.4
IV 40 272.4 $34,437.2
V 50 265.2 $39,055.6
Sequencing separatelyb 100 72.6 $53,847.8
  1. aAverage value from five simulations. Gb is short for gigabases. Data throughput is the sequencing depth multiplied by the length of the sequencing region. bSequencing separately is the strategy when each sample is sequenced independently. All the candidate designs can identify the variant carrier correctly in 95% of the simulations. The costs were estimated at $500 for one library preparation and $5300 for 100 Gb of data.