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Table 2 The evaluated models

From: A model-based information sharing protocol for profile Hidden Markov Models used for HIV-1 recombination detection

Abbreviation Emission Transition Evaluated
  probabilities probabilities  
jpHMM prob Probabilistic model Joint
jpHMM ml Machine learning Joint
jpHMM scal Pseudocount scaling Joint
jpHMM semi Original Joint
jpHMM orig Original Separate  
  1. The first column gives the abbreviation used for the respective model in what follows. The second column indicates how the emission probabilities are modeled: the probabilistic model introduced in this paper, the machine learning approach presented in [29], a scaling the pseudocounts depending on subtype size evaluated in [29], or the original algorithm introduced in [4]. The third column shows whether the transition probabilities are modeled jointly or separately. The last column indicates whether the respective approach was evaluated in this paper.