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Table 5 Structures and therapeutic information of tranexamic acid and the highest-scored drugs by the tranexamic acid model a

From: Exploiting large-scale drug-protein interaction information for computational drug repurposing

Structure Generic name Score DrugBank indicationb Information from other sources
Tranexamic Acid   For preventing hemorrhage in trauma and for excessive bleeding during and following tooth extraction, surgery, and menstruation. The only drug used to build the DPIR prediction model.
Aminocaproic acid 1.39 For the treatment of excessive postoperative bleeding.  
Amiloride 1.38 For use as adjunctive treatment with thiazide diuretics or other kaliuretic-diuretic agents in congestive heart failure or hypertension. Amiloride was evaluated as a treatment for ameliorating trauma-hemorrhagic shock-induced lung injury in rats [53].
… 26 experimental drugs with scores between 1.38 and 0.69 ….  
Diethylstilbestrol 0.69 For treatment of prostate cancer and prevention of miscarriage or premature delivery in pregnant women prone to miscarriage or premature delivery. Diethylstilbestrol was found to have particular clinical value in the treatment of certain functional gynecic aberrations. One of these is excessive or prolonged functional uterine bleeding [54].
  1. aThe model was developed with tranexamic acid as the only member of the positive class; all other compounds were in the baseline class.
  2. bRef. [26].