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Table 1 1:1 links

From: A semi-local neighborhood-based framework for probabilistic cell lineage tracing

  Correct 1:1 links Safe subset of NN links Safe, mutual, non-conflicting NN links
   Correct Incorrect Correct Incorrect
Detection ground truth 140235 139126 53 137163 5
Segmented results 139151 138027 434 132878 219
  1. Column 1 gives the number of 1:1 links in the detection ground truth and in the computed segmentation result. Detection FN make up the difference between the numbers. Column 2: Safe Subset of NN gives the number of potential NN links forward from ground truth or detected cells that pass the safe distance test (equation 1). Links that pass are subdivided into correct and incorrect categories. Column 3 gives the number of potential NN links that pass all 3 tests (equations 1, 2, 3) also broken down into correct and incorrect links.