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Table 1 Model parameters used for activation model (Figure 1 A)

From: MCA: Multiresolution Correlation Analysis, a graphical tool for subpopulation identification in single-cell gene expression data

Parameter Value Description
n x 2 Hill coefficient of X activation
n y 2 Hill coefficient of Y activation
K z x 900 Equilibrium constant of X activation
K x y 1000 Equilibrium constant of Y activation
V x 600 Velocity of X production
V y 600 Velocity of Y production
k z 450 Basal production of Z
β x 0.3 Death rate of X
β y 0.3 Death rate of Y
β z 0.5 Death rate of Z
X 0 100 Initial X
Y 0 100 Initial Y
Z 0 100 Initial Z
Δt 0.1 Time step