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Table 1 Comparison of BactImAS with ImageJ [20], MicrobeTracker [7], and Schnitzcells [6]

From: BactImAS: a platform for processing and analysis of bacterial time-lapse microscopy movies

  ImageJ BactImAS MicrobeTracker Schnitzcells
Platform Win/Mac/Linux Win/Mac/Linux Win/Mac/Linux Windows
License GNU GPL GNU GPL GNU GPL + MATLAB license; registration required Freely available + MATLAB license; registration required
Written in Java Java MATLAB MATLAB
Data storage .txt file format Relational database SQLite3 MATLAB directories MATLAB directories
ROI storage Manual, file system Continous automatic, SQLite3 MATLAB directories MATLAB directories
Software-user Interaction Dialog-based GUI Dialog-based GUI Dialog-based GUI + command line Mostly command line
Algorithm optimized for - M. smegmatis C. crescentus, E. coli B. subtilis, E. coli
Manual control Full Full Limited Limited
Cell segmentation Manual Semi-automated Fully-automated Fully-automated