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Table 5 Predicted rules generated from the biclusters (treating human proteins as rows and viral proteins as columns) found in HV_negative matrix

From: Incorporating the type and direction information in predicting novel regulatory interactions between HIV-1 and human proteins using a biclustering approach

Sl no. Association rules Confidence (%)
Rule-1 [env_gp160,env_gp41] [env_gp120] 79.2
Rule-2 [matrix,nucleocapsid] [Rev,Tat,capsid,p1,p6] 75
Rule-3 [nucleocapsid,p6] [Rev,Tat,capsid,matrix,p1] 75
Rule-4 [Rev,Tat,matrix] [p6] 83.3
Rule-5 [capsid,env_gp120] [Tat] 80
Rule-6 [RT,env_gp120] [Vif] 80
Rule-7 [Vif,env_gp120] [RT] 80