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Table 2 Identification of remotely conserved, experimentally verified mitochondrial proteins using morFeus

From: morFeus: a web-based program to detect remotely conserved orthologs using symmetrical best hits and orthology network scoring

Gene name yeast RefSeq ID Ortho-profile phase Gene name vertebrate/human RefSeq ID vertebrate/human Found with morFeus Intermediate species Precision
COX14 NP_013577 HMM COX14 NP_116290 No   82%
COX20 NP_010517 Profile FAM36A (M. mulatta) NP_001244714 Yes   99%
COX23 NP_011984 Sequence CHCHD7 NP_077276 Yes   91%
COX24 NP_013305 HMM AURKAIP1 NP_060370 No Only found with S. japonicus, finds S. cerevisiae Pet20 (NP_015166) as ortholog 100% (98%)
COA1 NP_012109 HMM COA1 NP_060694 Yes S. pombe 100% (100%)
COA3 NP_076894 HMM COA3 homolog NP_001035521 Yes S. pombe 97% (100%)
MSS51 NP_013304 Profile MSS51 homolog NP_001019764 Yes B. floridae 99%
PET100 NP_010364 Profile Pet100 Homolog XP_005625312 Yes S. commune 91% (100%)
PET117 NP_010979 Sequence PET117 homolog NP_001158283 Yes   100%
PET191 NP_012568 Sequence COA5 NP_001008216 Yes   100%
PET309 NP_013168 Profile LRPPRC NP_573566 Yes   100%
YMR244C-A (COA6) NP_013972 Sequence COA6 NP_001013003 Yes   100%
  1. Precision values in brackets are those of the intermediate Species.