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Table 2 The performance of Weka models developed using selected features on HL10 dataset

From: Designing of peptides with desired half-life in intestine-like environment

Total attributes Techniques Selected attributes Method R R2 MAE
20 KStar D, G, P, R Amino acid composition 0.61 0.35 1.42
400 IBk EK, EL, GD, GF, IE, KP, PG, YL Dipeptide composition 0.70 0.46 1.22
8000 IBk AAH, AGR, AMP, ARE, ASV, DSI, EEK, ELY, ESK, FCI, FGD, FSL, FSS, FYC, GDS, GFG, GLF, GSI, GTS, ILP, INF, INK, IRN, ITK, KIL, KIS, KLP, LVL, MVL, PGF, PVQ, SGL, SIE, SLR, SVL, VFK, VLF, VYL Tripeptide composition 0.73 0.35 1.39