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Table 1 Selected triggers

From: A generalizable NLP framework for fast development of pattern-based biomedical relation extraction systems

Events Verb Derivation
Gene_expression express -ion, over-, co-, non-, re-
  produce -ion, non-, co-
Transcription express 1 See above
  initiate -tion
  produce 1 See above
  transcribe -tion, -tional, -tionally
Protein_catabolism cleave -age
  degrade -tion, -tive
  proteolyse -sis, -tic, -tically
Phosphorylation phosphorylate -ion, under-, hyper-
Localization accumulate -ation
  appear -ance
  express 2 See above
  localize -ation, co-, re-
  locate -ion, re-, trans-
  migrate co-
  mobilize -ation, im-
  secrete -ion
Binding associate -ion
  bind DNA-
  engage -ment
  interact -ion
  ligate -ion, co-
  link cross-
  oligomerize -ation
  recruit -ment
  immunoprecipitate co-
  1. 1. This predication is always used together with “mRNA”.
  2. 2. This predication is always used together with “surface”.
  3. The Derivation column shows affix used to derive other forms of triggers. Singular, past tense, and gerund forms are not shown.