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Table 7 Two references ranked by PubMed, CRFref, and the best baselines (BM25 + PosFreq and PRE + PosFreq): CRFref ranked the target reference at top-3, while PubMed and the baselines preferred the non-target reference

From: Identification of highly related references about gene-disease association

Reference Position
PubMed BM25 + PosFreq PRE + PosFreq CRFref
Target reference (PubMed ID: 10791557) 34th 5th 6th 3rd
Non-target reference (PubMed ID: 12972407) 13th 1st 1st 6th
  1. PubMed ranked the target reference at the 34th position, indicating that for an expert that employed PubMed to identify references to curate the gene-disease association, 33 references needed to be read and checked, which was a burden for the expert.