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Table 1 Features of a subset of already available software packages, and jvenn

From: jvenn: an interactive Venn diagram viewer

Application Maximum number of Layouts Application type Proportionality Input data formats Output formats
  input lists      
VENNTURE [3] 6 Edwards Stand-alone No Lists Powerpoint
       and Excel
VennDiagram [4] 5 Classical R package No Lists R object
       and TIFF
BioVenn [5] 3 Classical web application Yes Lists SVG and PNG
venny [6] 4 Classical web application No Lists PNG
Canvasxpress [7] 4 Classical JavaScript library No Intersection JavaScript
      counts canvas
Google 3 Classical JavaScript library Yes Lists PNG
Chart API [8]       
jvenn 6 Classical web application No Lists, Interactive
   and Edwards and JavaScript   intersection diagram,
    library   counts and PNG and CSV
      Count lists