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Table 1 Feature comparisons of five widely used coalescent simulators

From: Critical assessment of coalescent simulators in modeling recombination hotspots in genomic sequences

Category ms msHOT MaCS Simcoal2 Fastsimcoal
Hotspot No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gene Conversion Yes Yes Yes No No
Ascertainment No No Yes Yes Yes
Algorithm SC SC SMC’# Gen-By-Gen* SMC’
Admixture Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multiple event/Gen No No No Yes No
Migration Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Population structure Symmetric Symmetric Symmetric Arbitrary Arbitrary
Different data types No No No Yes Yes
Arbitrary pattern of recombination No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Computation speed Moderate Moderate Fast Slow Fast
Sampling simulation parameters No No No No Yes
Publication Year 2002 2007 2009 2004 2011
# of Citations** 1,300 52 82 185 16
  1. Standard coalescent.
  2. #Modified version of Sequential Markov Coalescent.
  3. *Discrete time generation-by-generation simulation.
  4. **Google Scholar (as of December 23, 2013).