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Table 1 This table compares POS with other applications in the context of data integration

From: Personalized Oncology Suite: integrating next-generation sequencing data and whole-slide bioimages

Application Edit Clinical TNM Sequencing Vis. Bioimages Public Ref.
BioIMAX Whole-slide [3]
Bisque Whole-slide [4]
Galaxy LIMS [5]
NG6 Raw 454 and HiSeq [6]
NGS tools Raw Illumina DAS [7] [8]
ONCO-i2b2 SNOMED [10]
openBIS Raw Illumina [11]
Taverna [12]
POS vcf Files Whole-slide COSMIC [13] -
  1. The columns Clinical and TNM show if these data types are available. Sequencing depicts which type of next-generation sequencing data can be uploaded, and the column Vis. shows if mutations can be visualized. The column Bioimages shows which type of images can be used and the final column Public states available public annotations.