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Table 1 Illustration of summary table generated by Dupchecker for duplication among GSE13067, GSE14333, and GSE17538 data sets

From: DupChecker: a bioconductor package for checking high-throughput genomic data redundancy in meta-analysis

MD5 GSE13067(64/74) GSE14333(231/290) GSE17538(167/244)
001ddd757f185561c9ff9b4e95563372   GSM358397.CEL GSM437169.CEL
00b2e2290a924fc2d67b40c097687404   GSM358503.CEL GSM437210.CEL
012ed9083b8f1b2ae828af44dbab29f0 GSM327335 GSM358620.CEL  
023c4e4f9ebfc09b838a22f2a7bdaa59   GSM358441.CEL GSM437117.CEL