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Figure 4

From: Visualization and correction of automated segmentation, tracking and lineaging from 5-D stem cell image sequences

Figure 4

Mitosis event with lineage tree. The lineage tree in the right panel shows an entire clone starting with the progenitor cell 73 which divides into two daughter cells, 371 and 578. The y-axis represents time where the x-axis represents the cell’s distance to its closest blood vessel. The left panel shows cell 73 in the frame prior to it undergoing mitosis. The center panel shows the frame in which cell 73 divides into cells 371 and 578. The cleavage plane is represented by a white mesh and shows the angle of cleavage relative to the vessel channel. Specimens that are imaged over time typically have fewer channels than static samples. Immunofluorescence can be detrimental to natural cell behavior and has to be used sparingly. Static images can be stained allowing for a larger number of channels given that the cells are already dead.

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