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Table 1 Summary of all data sets

From: PSEUDOMARKER 2.0: efficient computation of likelihoods using NOMAD

Test set Description Reference
fin1 Familial combined hyperlipidemia pedigrees from Finland Pajukanta et al.[23]
fin2 Migraine pedigrees from Finland Wessman et al.[24], Kaunisto et al.[25], Hiekkalinna et al.[4]
fin3 A sub set of the Migraine families (different phenotype and genotyped individuals than on data set fin2) Tikka-Kleemola et al.[26]
fin4 Schizophrenia families from Finland Ekelund et al.[27], Hiekkalinna et al.[4]
fin5 Same as fin1, but with multiallelic markers  
fin6 Same as fin1, but with highly polymorphic marker  
x.linked Extended pedigrees and triads from northern Finland with real X-chromosomal marker data Karjalainen et al.[28]
100sibs Artificial sib-pair pedigrees Hiekkalinna [29]
100sibs.c Artificial sib-pair pedigrees with additional cases Hiekkalinna [29] Artificial sib-pair pedigrees with additional cases and controls Hiekkalinna [29]
mixed Various size artificial pedigrees (triads, sib-pairs, and extended pedigrees) Hiekkalinna [29]
noparents Artificial affected sib-pairs with no parental genotypes Hiekkalinna [29]
FHS Framingham Heart-Study marker data and phenotypes Larson et al.[30]
FinnTwin12 Finnish twins and twin families Kaprio et al.[31, 32], Törnwall et al.[33]