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Table 1 An example of the csv file to describe targeted datasets

From: MAAMD: a workflow to standardize meta-analyses and comparison of affymetrix microarray data

Dataset Species Probesets Datainfo
gse15879 Dm Drosophila_2 C:/MAAMD/datainfo-gse15879.csv
gse14981 Dm Drosophila_2 C:/MAAMD/datainfo-gse14981.csv
gse12160 Dm Drosophila_2 C:/MAAMD/datainfo-gse12160.csv
gse9400 Mm Mouse430_2 C:/MAAMD/datainfo-gse9400.csv
  1. Listed in Table 1 is the content of “datasets.csv” that describes the targeted datasets for the study case.