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Table 2 An example of the csv file to describe the samples in one dataset

From: MAAMD: a workflow to standardize meta-analyses and comparison of affymetrix microarray data

Sample name New name Group
GSM239142.CEL mmc57bl_muscle_norm_s1.CEL con
GSM239143.CEL mmc57bl_muscle_norm_s2.CEL con
GSM239144.CEL mmc57bl_muscle_norm_s3.CEL con
GSM239145.CEL mmc57bl_muscle_norm_s4.CEL con
GSM239146.CEL mmc57bl_muscle_802wks_s1.CEL hyp
GSM239147.CEL mmc57bl_muscle_802wks_s2.CEL hyp
GSM239148.CEL mmc57bl_muscle_802wks_s3.CEL hyp
GSM239149.CEL mmc57bl_muscle_802wks_s4.CEL hyp
  1. Listed in Table 2 is the content of “datainfo-gse9400.csv” that supplies information for the samples in GSE9400 dataset.