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Table 1 This table shows the p values when testing the difference in path length between residues that are close versus far apart

From: A graph theoretic approach to utilizing protein structure to identify non-random somatic mutations

Close vs. Far Method
Residue distance GraphPAC- Cheapest GraphPAC- Farthest GraphPAC- Nearest
<5 Å vs >25Å 9.50 E-143 2.10 E-141 1.38 E-145
<10 Å vs >30Å 9.32 E-147 5.82 E-145 2.81 E-149
<15 Å vs >35Å 2.91 E-151 1.01 E-148 1.33 E-153
<20 Å vs >40Å 1.42 E-155 1.63 E-151 7.15 E-158
  1. The left column shows the requirement to label two residues as close or far apart. For instance, " <5Å versus >25Å" signifies that residues that are less than <5Å apart are labeled as close while residues that are >25Å apart are considered far apart. The p-values for each method are shown in columns 2–4.