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Table 1 Summary of motif performance

From: Estimation of protein function using template-based alignment of enzyme active sites

Motif set Testing structures Hit rate (%) RMSD All (A) RMSD Alpha (A) RMSD Alpha and Beta (A)
  Native structure 96.69 ~0 ~0 ~0
P Set Homologous 62.63 1.675 1.500 1.546
  Non-homologous 18.51 7.19 6.51 6.59
  1. Each motif template of the P set was tested against its homologous structures with the same EC designation, non-homologous structures with a different EC designation, and against its native structure that was used to build the motif template. For each positive hit, a set of three RMSD values was calculated: between all atoms, between alpha carbons, and between alpha and beta carbons. Extremely low RMSD values were recorded for alignments of motif templates with their native structures. The hit percentages for testing against homologous structures represent the true positives rate, and the hit percentages for testing against non-homologous structures represent the false positives rate. These data can also be grouped as true positives (63%), false negatives (37%), true negatives (81%), false positives (19%).