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Table 4 Results obtained using G-SNPM to remap the SNPs against the build 37.3 of the human genome

From: A tool for mapping Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms using Graphics Processing Units

CHIP name hg build mapped SNPs uniquely mapped SNPs unmapped SNPs
HumanOmni 1S 37.3 1.185.108 1.185.103 868
CNV370 ver 3 37.3 373.374 373.371 23
HH300 ver 2 37.3 318.217 318.216 20
  1. The first and the second columns report the name of the chip and its reference build, respectively. The third column reports the overall number of SNPs mapped using G-SNPM, whereas the fourth column reports the number of them uniquely mapped. The fifth column reports the number of SNPs for which G-SNPM did not provide a valid alignment.