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Table 1 Examples of standards suggesting minimum sets of metadata.

From: Guidelines for managing data and processes in bone and cartilage tissue engineering

MiMix[21] Minimum Information required for reporting a Molecular Interaction experiment
It relies on PSI-MI [22] controlled vocabularies for terms, and its purpose is providing a checklist of the information to be supplied when describing experimental molecular interaction data. It is a module developed within the framework of the MIAPE guidelines.
MIAPE[23] Minimum Information About a Proteomics Experiment
It provides guidance modules for reporting the use of proteomics techniques such as gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry, and has been developed and proposed to encourage collection and integration of these kinds of data.
MIAME[24] Minimum Information About a Microarray Experiment
It is used to submit fully compliant datasets, to enable the interpretation of the experimental results unambiguously and, potentially, to reproduce the study.
MIRIAM Registry[25] Minimum Information Required in the Annotation of Models
Created for defining the meta-information needed to ensure the re-usability of computational models of biological processes. It aims to maintain, unambiguously and perennially, the identifiers regarding the biomedical domain. The registry retrieves the identifiers in the form of URIs, and provides the resolver online service, for their generation.
  1. Standards have been provided for different fields of molecular biology, reporting the minimum set of information needed to report experiments details and data, in order to enable data reproducibility and interpretation.