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Table 2 Structured vocabularies useful for BCTEO

From: Guidelines for managing data and processes in bone and cartilage tissue engineering

Name Acronym Definition Ref.
Brenda Tissue Ontology BTO For the source of an enzyme: it comprises terms for tissues, cell lines, cell types and cell cultures from uni- and multi-cellular organisms. [26]
Common Anatomy Reference Ontology CARO For facilitating the interoperability between existing anatomy ontologies of different species, and providing a template for building new anatomy ontologies. [27]
Chemical Entities of Biological Interest CHEBI For chemical compounds of biological relevance. [28]
Cell Type CL For cell types. [29]
eagle-i research Resource Ontology ERO For instruments, protocols, reagents, animal models and biospecimens. [30]
Gene Ontology GO For the annotation of gene products with respect to their molecular function, cellular component, and biological role. [31]
Protein-protein interaction MI For the annotation of experiments concerned with protein-protein interactions. [32]
Measurement Method Ontology MMO For representing the variety of methods used to make qualitative and quantitative clinical and phenotype measurements both in the clinic and with model organisms. [33]
Microarray and Gene Expression Data Ontology MO Concepts, definitions, terms, and resources for standardized description of a microarray experiment [34]
Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) MSH Terms from National Library of Medicine. [35]
NCI Thesaurus NCI Thesaurus For clinical care, translational and basic research, and public information and administrative activities. [36]
Ontology for Biomedical Investigations OBI For investigations: protocols and instrumentation, material, data generated and types of analysis performed on it. [37]
Phenotype and Trait Ontology PATO For phenotypes. Examples of qualities are red, ectopic, high temperature, fused, small, edematous and arrested. [38]
Physician Data Query PDQ Wide range of cancer topics, a listing of some 30,000 cancer clinical trials from around the world, a directory of genetics services professionals, the NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms, and the NCI Drug Dictionary. [39]
Systematized Nomenclature Of Medicine Clinical Terms SNOMEDCT For medical terms that are used internationally for recording clinical information. They are coded in computer processable mode. [40]
NCBI organismal classification TAXON Taxonomic classification of living organisms and associated artifacts. [41]
  1. All of them are available for browsing in the NCBO BioPortal web site.