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Table 1 Main Biological and Medical Science topics with high potential and merit for future Horizon 2020 actions.

From: Integrated Bio-Search: challenges and trends for the integration, search and comprehensive processing of biological information

High potential Biological and Medical Science topics
Integrated disease and phenotype ontologies and supporting tools
Molecular profile reference databases for cells and tissues
European infrastructure for genome research
European animal genomics and phenomics infrastructure
An integrating activity for fish genome resources
Trans-national infrastructure for plant genomic science
European proteomics research infrastructure
Integration of national non mammalian model animal facilities on the European level
European primate network: maintaining and developing best practice, staff education and international standards in biological and biomedical research
Cyber-infrastructure for farmed and companion livestock
An integrated technology platform for high-throughput, multi-level phenotyping research to design robust farm animals for tomorrow
Network of animal biological resources centers
Aquaculture infrastructures for excellence in EU fish research
European network of high containment animal facilities to improve control of livestock transboundary and zoonotic infectious diseases
European seed bank research infrastructure
Forest tree genetic resources, a pan-European patrimony to be maintained and developed at the benefit of the scientific community
Improved access of the scientific community to collections of non pathogenic, pathogenic, emerging and clinical human/animal virus isolates (including fish and arthropods) up to biohazard risk group 4
Facilities, resources and services for mining the nature and relevance of biocide resistance
Pan-European resource for gene transfer vectors towards clinical application