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Table 8 The biology process group lists of de-centric genetic regulatory networks.

From: SLDR: a computational technique to identify novel genetic regulatory relationships

Function Groups Gene numbers
ascospore wall assembly Group0 6
peroxisome degradation Group1 8
synapsis Group2 11
tRNA-type intron splice site recognition and cleavage Group3 2
reciprocal meiotic recombination Group4 20
histidine biosynthetic process Group5 2
maltose catabolic process Group6 3
glycerol metabolic process Group7 15
regulation of arginine biosynthetic process Group8 16
antisense RNA metabolic process Group9 6
cellular zinc ion homeostasis Group10 9
negative regulation of transposition, RNA-mediated Group11 3
rDNA separation Group12 8
microtubule anchoring Group13 5
response to lipid Group14 7
Function Groups Gene numbers
pyridoxine metabolic process Group0 3
regulation of fatty acid metabolic process Group1 4
piecemeal microautophagy of nucleus Group2 10
glyoxylate cycle Group3 5
regulation of protein stability Group4 3
breciprocal meiotic recombination Group5 12
glycogen metabolic process Group6 8
response to carbohydrate stimulus Group7 2