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Table 1 Comparison of Haystack and XCMS Online features.

From: Haystack, a web-based tool for metabolomics research

Data Visualization Haystack XCMS Online
1. Total ion chromatogram (TIC) Yes Yes
2. Base peak chromatogram (BPC) Yes No
3. User-defined extracted ion chromatograms (EIC) Yes No
4. User-defined mass spectra Yes No
5. Provide .csv file for all data display outputs Yes No
Data Processing   
1. User-defined bin analysis of single files or groups Yes No
2. Multiple group comparisons Yes Yes
3. Retention time correction and peak alignment No Yes
4. Significant features based on fold-change No Yes
5. Box plots, mass spectra, and EICs of significant features No Yes
6. Graphical display of PCA results Yes Yes
7. Volcano plot analysis for 2 group comparison Yes No
8. Provide .csv file for all data processing outputs Yes No