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Table 2 Enriched GO biological process terms involved in predicted Arabidopsis protein s.

From: Predicting genome-scale Arabidopsis-Pseudomonas syringae interactome using domain and interolog-based approaches

GO id GO term p-value
GO:0006468 protein amino acid phosphorylation 8.24E-96
GO:0001906 cell killing 5.62E-28
GO:0006796 phosphate metabolic process 3.17E-45
GO:0007169 transmembrane receptor protein tyrosine kinase signaling pathway 3.16E-56
GO:0007166 cell surface receptor linked signal transduction 1.39E-67
GO:0008037 cell recognition 1.57E-22
GO:0048610 reproductive cellular process 2.39E-14
GO:0015031 protein transport 1.69E-02
GO:0007264 small GTPase mediated signal transduction 1.34E-25
GO:0007242 intracellular signaling cascade 5.98E-11
GO:0009738 abscisic acid mediated signaling 9.12E-07
GO:0009755 hormone-mediated signaling 2.93E-07
GO:0044070 regulation of ion transport 1.62E-04
GO:0032412 regulation of ion transmembrane transporter activity 1.74E-03
GO:0009788 negative regulation of abscisic acid mediated signaling 4.72E-03
GO:0045454 cell redox homeostasis 5.59E-04
GO:0006470 protein amino acid dephosphorylation 3.46E-18
GO:0010119 regulation of stomatal movement 5.42E-06
GO:0010304 PSII associated light-harvesting complex II catabolic process 3.93E-04
GO:0007243 protein kinase cascade 6.90E-04
GO:0000165 MAPKKK cascade 8.64E-04
GO:0046686 response to cadmium ion 3.22E-09
GO:0010038 response to metal ion 2.54E-06
GO:0009651 response to salt stress 3.76E-09
GO:0009628 response to abiotic stimulus 6.03E-04
GO:0009407 toxin catabolic process 5.16E-11
GO:0045454 cell redox homeostasis 2.37E-06
GO:0016998 cell wall macromolecule catabolic process 1.62E-05
GO:0006469 negative regulation of protein kinase activity 1.37E-03
GO:0009742 brassinosteroid mediated signaling 7.15E-04
GO:0009736 cytokinin mediated signaling 3.71E-07