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Table 5 Distribution of Laccases in different identified clusters under each taxa.

From: LacSubPred: predicting subtypes of Laccases, an important lignin metabolism-related enzyme class, using in silico approaches

Cluster Number Bacteria Fungi Metazoa Plants Total UniProt Accessions
cluster-0 1 23 2 5 31 Q12541 P17489 Q70KY3 Q12542 Q941X2 Q09HV5 Q8X1W2 B5MAF4 Q4VY49 Q68LM0 R9WWK4 R9WS76 I0AVQ6 Q7Z8S4 Q6E124 Q2VT19 G8A542 G8A560 G8A555 I3PL63 G8A529 T1UMR7 D2KZ04 D2KZ05 D0E8H8 S5Q958 Q38757 Q8W0V5 Q2PAJ1 G8XQW0 E1ACR6
cluster-1 1 34 0 5 40 Q0DHL2 Q339K6 Q8RYM9 Q12718 P33644 Q9P8G4 B6V331 Q6R5P8 Q6RYA5 O60199 G0WM60 R4JRR8 D3K4I1 Q5IR80 Q50JG5 B8Y3J5 Q96UK8 F2VPT7 C1JCL7 Q9P8B9 C0JRG9 C0JRG8 G4XIH4 Q7Z8S2 H9C4A2 D4AIA5 Q69FX1 Q69FW7 Q69FW8 Q1EPM3 G8A545 D2KZ06 D2KZ01 D2KZ07 Q716A3 Q716A2 Q308C0 B0JDP9 C0P5Q0 Q4VJ26
cluster-2 0 4 0 24 28 Q10ND7 Q8VZA1 Q0IQU1 P78722 Q5N9X2 Q02081 Q9SIY8 Q9LFD2 B3TLA6 C0JRG6 Q8S2A8 Q2PAJ0 Q2PAI9 Q9AUH9 Q9AUI3 Q9AUI5 Q9AUI0 B9HHK7 Q9FSC9 Q9ZQW3 K4P1L9 K4PCQ7 K4NZE7 K4P1P7 K4NZ22 B1PXG7 F4MKL7 M5AN30
cluster-3 0 0 0 8 8 O81081 Q9AUI2 O24041 O24044 O24043 O24042 Q9ZQW2 M5AP95
cluster-4 3 2 18 2 25 P56193 Q02075 Q8IV20 Q8BZT9 Q99US8 Q49I37 Q4U3X4 Q9VX11 Q8WPD1 M4GPQ6 Q8I8Y1 M9PLY3 A5YVV0 Q8I8Y2 U5EZN5 D5MRE2 D5MRE1 F6UMP1 U3CY61 U3E6Q9 K9IXR5 F8V189 F8V190 J9PBQ8 J9PBR2
cluster-5 0 66 0 1 67 O59896 Q02497 Q01679 Q12739 B8YQ97 Q9UVQ2 I1SB14 U3M7S8 Q1W6B1 D3YJ58 C9WKP8 O59944 G4XU43 Q8WZG3 A3F8Z8 Q9UVQ5 Q9Y780 B5MAF5 Q9UVY4 F4ZCH1 Q6H9H7 Q6UNT7 A8W7J6 Q6A1A1 O74171 O94222 G9M4T7 Q96UT7 Q68LM3 R9WUR2 Q68LM2 R9WS74 Q68LM4 Q68LM1 G9I8W6 Q68LM5 Q8WZI0 G9I8W7 Q8TG94 C0JRG7 C0JRG5 H9BT70 Q7Z8S3 Q7Z8S5 H9C4A3 Q9HDQ0 B2L9C1 Q96TR6 E7BLR0 Q2VT18 Q6STF0 Q69FX0 Q69FW9 Q6X938 M1GME7 C6G7V1 C1KDZ5 I1VE65 I1VE67 I1VE66 D2KZ00 D2KZ03 D2KZ02 D2KYZ9 Q716A0 B0JDP8 Q8W0V4
cluster-6 0 26 0 1 27 Q12729 Q96WM9 Q12717 Q8NID5 I3NL60 Q50JG4 Q50JG3 R9WT58 R9WU11 R9WWK7 I1W1V7 I1W1V8 Q7Z8S6 Q5I7J0 E7BLQ8 E7BLQ9 H8ZRU2 Q6RYA4 C5IXN8 Q2AAD1 Q6TH77 C1KDZ6 C1KDZ7 C1KDZ8 U5XIR0 B5G552 B2CMA7
cluster-7 0 23 0 4 27 Q12570 D0VWU3 Q2QUN2 Q5N7A3 Q5N7B4 Q9HG17 Q50JG6 R9WUQ4 Q8WZH9 R9WT55 C5NN27 C0JRG4 C0JRG3 C0JRG2 C0JRH0 H9BT71 D9J137 Q8TFL8 Q2HWK1 B5G554 B5G556 Q716A1 K9R5B2 E1U754 E1U755 A6N8N5 K4NZF4
cluster-8 0 4 29 10 43 Q9LYQ2 Q84J37 Q53LU4 Q2R0L2 P06811 Q2R0L0 Q2QZ80 Q9LFD1 F6N9E7 R9WU16 G8A520 Q7JQF6 A1Z6F6 Q8I8Y0 A7XQR9 B4F7L6 B5BR55 D4AH59 Q58IU3 Q58IU2 I0IV86 E9RH10 E9RH11 Q49I41 Q49I40 A7XQS2 B5B2D0 D5MRR9 D5MRE3 D5MRS1 D0E8H2 D0E8H7 D0E8H4 D0E8H5 D0E8H0 D0E8H6 D0E8H3 D0E8H1 U6A581 Q4ZGM4 C9E6Q3 Q6TDS6 B2M153
cluster-9 0 1 0 11 12 Q9FY79 Q9LMS3 Q02079 Q9ZPY2 Q5N7B3 G0WXI9 G0WXI5 Q8L4Y3 Q9ZP47 Q2LD62 B9HHV7 G8Z904
cluster-10 1 1 0 4 6 Q9SR40 Q6STE9 Q8W0V6 Q2PAJ2 P93366 Q72HW2
cluster-11 0 0 0 15 12 Q6ID18 Q9FLB5 Q1PDH6 Q9FJD5 Q56YT0 O80434 Q9AUI1 Q9AUI6 Q9AUI4 I3W7E6 K4PCR3 K4P1M3