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Table 4 Senior authors of papers that report the development of SDARs, including how many SDARs they have published as of May, 2014.

From: Trends in the production of scientific data analysis resources

Senior Author # SDARs
Raghava GP 64
Li Y 30
Casadio R 29
Wang J 28
Noble WS 27
Sonnhammer EL 27
Hamodrakas SJ 27
Wishart DS 26
Gerstein M 25
Bourne PE 22
Dougherty ER 22
Zhang Y 22
Sali A 22
Chou KC 21
Preissner R 21
Giegerich R 19
Lengauer T 18
Altman RB 18
Barillot E 18
Xu Y 18
Ma'ayan A 18
Valencia A 18
Grishin NV 18
Salzberg SL 18
Kim S 18
  1. Only authors with 18 or more are listed here. The author appearing last in the list of authors was presumed to be the senior author of the study (corresponding author is not always listed in the MEDLINE record).