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Table 1 Whole genomes used in this study

From: Divergence of protein-coding capacity and regulation in the Bacillus cereus sensu lato group

Genome Locus Tag NCBI Accession # UMd identifier Annotation Date Sequencing group
B. anthracis A0248 BAA NC_012659.1 bac1 04/2005 LANL
B. cereus biovar anthracis CI BACI NC_014335.1 bac2 06/2006 GGL
B. anthracis Ames BA NC_003997.3 bac3 02/1999 TIGR
B. thuringiensis Al. Hakam BALH NC_008600.1 bac4 10/2002 JGI
B. anthracis CDC 684 BAMEG NC_012581.1 bac5 03/2005 LANL
B. anthracis Sterne BAS NC_005945.1 bac6 12/1999 JGI
B. cereus AH187 BCAH187 NC_011658.1 bac7 11/2004 JCVI
B. cereus AH820 BCAH820 NC_011773.1 bac8 09/2004 JCVI
B. cereus B4264 BCB4264 NC_011725.1 bac9 11/2004 JCVI
B. cereus ATCC 10987 BCE NC_003909.8 bac10 08/2000 TIGR
B. cereus ATCC 14579 BC NC_004722.1 bac11 02/1999 INRAGM
B. cereus G9842 BCG9842 NC_011772.1 bac12 09/2004 JCVI
B. cereus Q1 BCQ NC_011969.1 bac13 12/2004 MGCC
B. thuringiensis BMB171 BMB171 NC_014171.1 bac14 04/2006 HAU
B. weihenstephanensis- KBAB4 BcerKBAB4 NC_010184.1 bac15 04/2006 HAU
B. cereus 03BB102 BCA NC_012472.1 bac16 02/2005 LANL
B. cereus E33L BCZK NC_006274.1 bac17 10/2000 JGI
B. thuringiensis serovar- konkukian str 97-27 BT9727 NC_005957.1 bac18 11/2000 JGI
B. anthracis Ames Ancestor GBAA NC_007530.2 bac19 02/1999 TIGR
B. cytotoxicus NVH391-98 Bcer98 NC_009674.1 bac 20 06/2003 JGI
B. anthracis H9401 BAH9401 NC_017729.1 bac 21 06/2012 KCDC
B. cereus F837/76 BF83776 NC_016779.1 bac 22 06/2012 INRAGM
B. cereus NC7401 BNC7401 NC_016771.1 bac 23 09/2012 KILS
B. thuringiensis serovar- chinensis CT43 BCT43 NC_017208.1 bac 24 09/2012 HAU
B. thuringiensis serovar-finitimus YBT-020 BYBT020 NC_017200.1 bac 25 09/2012 HAU
  1. Dates/location of original annotations. Full name for sequencing group are as follows: LANL: Los Alamos National Labs, JCVI: J. Craig Venter Institute, INRAGM: INRA Genetique Microbienne, MGCC: Microbial Genome Center of Chinese Ministry of Public Health, HAU: Huazhong Agricultural University, GGL: Goettingen Genomics Laboratory, UMd: University of Maryland Institute for Genome Sciences, KCDC: Korea Center for Disease Control, KILS: Kitasato Institute for Life Sciences