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Table 2 Score terms.

From: Improved packing of protein side chains with parallel ant colonies

Score term Label Description
fa_atr A lennard-jones attractive
fa_rep B lennard-jones repulsive
fa_sol C lazaridis-jarplus solvation energy
fa_intra_rep D lennard-jones repulsive between atoms in the same residue
fa_pair E pairwise electrostatics term derived from statistics on the pdb database
fa_dun F internal energy of sidechain rotamers as derived from Dunbrack's statistics
hbond_lr_bb G long range (beta or loop) backbone-backbone hydrogen bonds
hbond_sr_bb H short range (helix) backbone-backbone hbonds
hbond_bb_sc I sidechain-backbone hydrogen bond energy
hbond_sc J sidechain-sidechain hydrogen bond energy
dslf_ss_dst K distance score in current disulfide
dslf_cs_ang L csangles score in current disulfide
dslf_ss_dih M dihedral score in current disulfide
dslf_ca_dih N dihedral score in current disulfide
pro_close O proline ring closure energy
envsmooth P Statistically derived fullatom environment potential
atom_pair_constraint Q Harmonic constraints between atoms involved in Watson-Crick base pairs specified by the user in the params file