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Table 3 Genes of each clique.

From: Gene differential coexpression analysis based on biweight correlation and maximum clique

Clique sequence number Each Gene symbols of clique
1 Tsc2 Smarca4 Sirt2 Prkaca
2 Tsc2 Smarca4 Sirt2 Ctsd
3 Sirt2 Tsc2 Ctsd Prkaca
4 Polr2f Rpl9 Prkaca Tsc2
5 Pxmp3 Rpl9 Prkaca Tsc2
6 Pxmp3 Tsc2 Prkaca Polr2f
7 Polr2f Prkaca Smarca4 Tsc2
  1. Bold shown genes refer to the four DCG selected genes in the GSE3068 dataset based on BMHT method. The other genes are DCG.