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Table 2 p-values of different features for the two types of interfaces in the four datasets.

From: Use B-factor related features for accurate classification between protein binding interfaces and crystal packing contacts

Feature Datasets
  BNCPCS DC Bahadur Ponstingl
ΣB 9.89e-20 4.47e-09 5.68e-28 1.68e-19
ΔASA 5.58e-17 0.184 1.21e-21 4.02e-14
avgΣB 1.72e-21 4.61e-10 2.70e-31 3.02e-22
avgNo.B 2.41e-19 1.71e-09 2.15e-27 6.01e-19
avgΣB*avgNo.B 6.91e-19 6.51e-09 3.40e-28 3.07e-18
avgΔASA 4.62e-18 0.00141 2.30e-24 1.12e-16