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Table 1 Examples of Transcriptional Regulation Rate Change Events - one positive and one negative.

From: Extracting rate changes in transcriptional regulation from MEDLINE abstracts

As the translational control in the expression of cycle proteins Cdc13 and Cdc25 constructs positive feedback loops, the dynamical activities of the key components undergoes a rapid rising after a preliminary stage of slow increase. (PMID: 20303984)
In contrast, degradation of MTH1 is reinforced by glucose repression of MTH1 expression: disappearance of MTH1 is slowed when glucose repression of MTH1 expression is prevented, and this results in a delay in induction of HXT3 expression in response to glucose. (PMID: 16400179)
  1. Words in bold indicate transcriptional regulations while rate changes in the regulation process are italicized.